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Wouldn’t it be perfect if you could focus on your business, growth and possibilities without getting worried about researching, recruiting and managing large teams? Well, we literally put your system on automation as we manage all your HR and admin issues through our remote staffing solutions. We source highly skilled professionals who work at a fully managed and equipped off-shore office in your time zone. It reduces your liabilities and boosts your resource in a significantly cost- effective way. Our focused areas for resources are IT, sales and marketing, and administration.

The Second Hire is your strategic partner giving you greater flexibility and ease when it comes to getting the work done and engaging the right resources.

Our Key Services

Whether you need to find top talent, a consulting solution for managing your business and
resourcing challenges, we can help.

Remote Staffing
Lighter on Budget, Heavier in Results

We understand that your dreams are infinite and your quest for resources to help you move your objectives forward is tiring. So, The Second Hire takes the responsibility of providing…

Managed Solutions
Trust Us With Your Work

Overburdened with tasks? We’ve got your back. We offer a wide array of services such as transcription, customer support, background check, appraisal preparation, QC and more…

Hire For Project
Experienced Resources For Your Project

If you have very important project and want dedicated resources only for a certain period of time, or project, we make it possible to get you the resources with the skills you require…

Our Comprehensive
Support System

The major issue in remote staffing is the lack of office culture in your team that may result in a lack of
professional behavior or the absence of technical support necessary to run the remote teams. But, with the
following features of The Second Hire, you will find solid reasons to believe in our system and solutions.

You may have skepticism about the commitment and focus of your team members if they don’t have a professional set-up to sit and work. Being a comprehensive staffing solution provider, we remove every bump from the procedure to ensure a smooth team management system for you.

Our workspace creates a virtually live interaction experience between you and your team so that you can seamlessly coordinate as if working on the same floor. Our premises have CCTV camera in place that records 24/7 to give you full transparency and the ability to monitor employees.

In this day and age, your data is your biggest asset that can’t be compromised or dealt with carelessness. That’s why we offer personal laptops/desktops to your team and also ensure data security by taking all the necessary measures that you would take with your own IT department.

For running and growing a business, simply assembling the right resources isn’t enough because all team members have to be aligned with the same goal. Our space will allow your team members to interact and form a personal bond that will motivate them to work for the mutual goal.

Conflicts between coworkers, employees and employer is a major challenge for any organization as they shift the focus from growth to issues management. But The Second Hire sets you free from all such obligation by taking the responsibility of conflict management and that too free of cost. The conflict management feature comes within our contract so you don’t have to pay separately for this constantly popping expense.

Work-at-home employees often have outdated, or slow, computers and laptops, which drops their productivity level. At The Second Hire, we provide our staff with fast, state-of-the-art, devices to improve their productivity. This will also ensure the security of your data, a level of security that you won’t have if you engage a freelancer working on his/her own system.

If you hire freelancers for remote working, you often get to hear the excuse of power outage that delays your work. To prevent any such situation, we ensure the uninterrupted power supply with backup generators. You have a remote team working for you but we are taking care of every possible problem to make you unstoppable.

Internet speed is the lifeline of remote working and if goes down, it puts your deadline at risk. At The Second Hire, we make sure every team member has a fast broadband connection, ensuring that your documents, files and data are quickly transferred. Online conferences and calls are supported by high-speed internet to always put you in close contact with your team.

Your team can be handling sensitive information about your company, which can be at risk if leaked to a third-party through the employee's computer. You may be hesitant to hire a remote employee for fear of data hacking. But for the security of your data, we have installed the safest network security in our computers. Your data security is our chief concern and we continuously work to protect it.

Freelancers, or remote workers, often don’t have the paid versions of common software like MS Office Suite and use either older, or pirated, versions. Consequently, they may not be able to use the full features and at times even open the files that have been shared by their remote employers. But we already have this paid software installed in all of our computers so you won’t have be concerned.

Management tools like Slack or ClickUp are essential to perform routine tasks but subscribing to, or buying, them is an additional cost for you. However, The Second Hire saves you from spending on tools as we have already installed all the necessary management tools in our systems. You can easily manage your projects, tasks and collaborate with your team through ClickUp or Slack.

Team meetings are a normal part of corporate life and an essential requirement for team building and moving towards the same objective. We have fully equipped conference rooms with mics, speakers and projector screens to let you effectively communicate, discuss and brainstorm strategies.

The communication software pre-installed in our systems will ensure that you can contact your employees anytime you want. Explaining the work, ask them to make changes or give instructions for tasks at hand.

As your HR partner, we will send you the attendance report of your team members each month. It will give you an overview of how regular they are. You will be able to review your team’s work performance as if it were in your own office. We can also prepare a performance report for each of the team members.

Please note that all above services are part of our contract and you won’t have to
pay anything extra for any of these services or equipment.

Skilled Professionals In Specific Industries

Considering the universal appeal and demand of their skill set, we specifically
search and find talent in the following industries and build a talent pool from these professionals.


IT analyst, web developer, database administrator, manager applications, IT manager, software developers, graphic designers, and more.

Creative & Marketing

Digital marketing professional, brand managers, marketing strategist, sales representative, sales and marketing management professionals, sales support, etc.

Administrative & Office

Human resources assistant, Medical billing and coding, operations assistant, data entry specialist, marketing assistant, medical transcriptionist, Project Coordinator and more.

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Why Choose
The Second Hire?

No Recruitment Fee for Remote Staffiing: Though we do the talent scouring for you and bring the best in the pool, we keep it as a key benefit of our partnership instead of making it a revenue stream for us. So you don’t have to pay for this service as it comes free with our contract.

Low Employee Salaries: You want great talent to support you ambitious plans, but at times your balance sheet doesn’t allow you to go for the desirable candidate. But The Second Hire empowers you to get a high-caliber source with low salary. Working with us, you will get a significant increase in cash flow because you will save a lot of cash from the salaries you are paying or have to pay if source locally.

Increase Profitability: We not only give you cost-effective staffing solutions but by reducing your fixed costs such as office management, bills and rentals, we help make your company more profitable by minimizing employee costs and expenses.

Reliable: Our recruitment process implements all the legal procedures to ensure that your team will have job security and a legal obligation to deliver for you.

Conflict Management: Conflicts between coworkers, employees and employer is a major challenge for any organization as it shifts the focus from growth to human resource management. But The Second Hire sets you free from all such obligations by taking the responsibility for conflict management.

Personalized Facilities For Your Team: We allocate dedicated space and facilities for your team with all the necessary office support. CCTV cameras are installed to give you live access to see how your team is doing. You can virtually operate a whole team of resources like they are working next to your office.