About Us

A customized consulting and staffing
solution for enterprise-level projects

About The Second Hire

We have built The Second Hire on the concept of giving optimized remote hiring and staff managing solution services to our clients based on the collective 50 years of recruiting experience of our team.

This marathon experience gives us insight of the recruitment industry problems that bump in the way of your business growth. Our experience also lets us come up with the innovative and personalized remote staffing solutions to propel your growth.

To overcome the organizational challenges and completely focus on growth, we offer you a comprehensive support system that is based on 14-points. Each of these points has been added to the system viewing your needs and making your staff searching, recruiting, hiring and managing streamlined.

We are specifically focusing on to serve the Technology, Creative and Marketing and Office Administrative sectors by sourcing the best professionals with relevant skills.

All of our efforts get down to one point – to make it easy for the employer and employees to start working together by removing the communication barriers between them and facilitating the employees with a fully equipped office with management support to take off the responsibilities of employees.